About Care Micro

About Us

Care Micro’s History and Growth

Care Micro Systems opened for business in 1992. Back then, Care Micro’s Managing Director, Mike Shingler, ran ICI’s computer service company, ICI Computer Systems Ltd. When ICI decided to sell the company, Mike took advantage of the sale and formed Care Micro Systems. Since then, Care Micro has grown significantly and now has offices throughout the North of England and is the national sole distributor for a number of key IT products. Care Micro Systems has its head office and main repair workshop in Scarborough. We have a sales and support offices in Leeds and Hull.

Although the majority of our business is in the North of England, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to Lincoln and across Manchester and Liverpool, we also provide a nationwide service through a strategic partnership with a key associate company which has engineers based throughout the UK. At Care Micro, we pride ourselves on delivering to our customers next door standards of customer service – with a national reach.

Why Care Micro?

If you are reading this page, it is likely that you are new to Care Micro and considering why you should do business with us. And like any potential customer, you need to be sure of who you are doing business with. We hope from our website you will learn enough about us to persuade you to take your enquiry to the next stage. You will learn about:

  • Our company history and that we have a rich and long pedigree in delivering quality IT support services
  • Where we are based and why we are where we are
  • The areas of the UK in which we operate
  • Our company philosophy, and why the “Care” in our name means so much to us in terms of both our reputation and our company ethos
  • Our business partners, why we choose them, and how we work with them to provide the highest possible standards of product and service
  • Our success stories and where we have been able to make a real difference to the many companies we work with, some of which we have partnered for many years.

You will also get to know some of the faces you will meet at Care Micro, and their background and skills.

But what you will need to know, and can’t from these web pages, is what it is like to work with us and build a successful Care Micro relationship that will benefit your business organisation for years to come. To do that, please ask us for our customer references and we’ll provide you with the names of some of our customers who can “tell it like it is” about us.

And, finally, don’t hesitate to pop in at any time for a site visit, or bring your team over to talk to us directly.

We look forward to doing business with you at Care Micro.

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