Security & Protection

Security & Protection

Beating the hackers, bots, viruses and phishing attacks prevalent in our modern computing world is an arduous task. Maintaining system integrity and protecting your hardware and data is a constant and ongoing task. One has also to recognise that threats can come from within as well as from without.

Viruses and other unwanted code are still finding their way onto company networks and the threat from hackers is constantly on the rise. But the biggest danger still comes from within – as staff spend their time accessing dodgy websites, sending e-mails with corrupt attachments, and stealing private company information. Corrupt data and programs are brought in by CD, USB sticks and even iPODs have been known to carry harmful software.

So how do you take control of the situation? Having an acceptable usage policy is a vital first step. This is followed by thorough training to ensure all your staff understand why network security is important. And what can happen to your business – and their jobs – if policy and procedure are not followed.

You can add suitable technology to enforce the policy, not just the anti-virus and anti-spam software that often come as standard on most PCs, but systems that manage and ensure safe emailing processes. Software is now available to block access to certain websites (eg gambling, eBay, home shopping, social networks). And, if you really want to take control, installing a “thin” client network will put you in the driving seat for safe operation.

All these strategies takes time to implement thoroughly. But with Care Micro as your accredited security partner you know you’re getting a skilled team on your side to help you win the battle against threats. Care Micro will manage the complete security process for you – including writing your policies and training your staff – or simply manage key aspects of it such as your network or PC security. It’s up to you to decide how safe you want to be.

Please call Care Micro today on 01723 351111 or email us via our Contact Us page to learn more about how Care Micro can minimise the threats to your business and maximise your network uptime.