Managed Offices

Managed Offices

Whether you are offering managed offices space already, starting a project to convert an old building or a new purpose built industrial park for businesses work space, Care Micro have lease and purchase models to supply internet connectivity for tenants so they can move their business into their new address with the essentials taken care of.

Perfect for:

  • Serviced Offices
  • Flexible Offices
  • Furnished Offices
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Conference Rooms
  • Co-working spaces
Business Centre, managed offices

Piece Mill Business Centre, Halifax

All costed to be less than the client would be spending if they’d have got their own broadband line, with an option for the property owner to add a margin.  Within the cost they would also receive the following benefits including some security essentials:

  • Minimum broadband speeds
  • Protection from external threats
  • Web control for businesses to keep their staff safe online
  • Segregated network control for each business
  • Private and Guest wireless

If the landlord wants to go a step further, there’s a support option from just £5 per month per tenant which will enable Care Micro’s engineers to help the customers day to day enquires such as remote access from home or setting up new equipment.

So for a chance to assist your tenants further and increase profitability, whilst still being more cost effective than the competitor, contact Care Micro today.