Online Backup

Online Backup

Your organisation’s data and email service are increasingly more critical to your business success. So protecting your vital information with traditional tape backups is no longer feasible.

Now, Care Micro can provide your organisation with a robust online back-up and restore solution. We work with our partners to deliver our solution which utilises the market-leading Asigra agentless backup software. As a result, protecting your critical data need not be complex or cost-prohibitive. The end result is a fully scalable, cost-effective, secure, automated, online back-up system solution which can be tailored to suit individual company requirements, allows one to recover deleted items/data up to a specified period.

Known as CDP (Continuous Data Protection) stores any changes to your files in real time and preserves copies of all previous versions of the file so that the user can restore data to the point just before a data corruption/deletion took place. This tool minimises data loss and helps to achieve the Recovery Time Objective.

On-line, off-site back-up is now widely considered to be the ultimate best practice for protecting your business data.

Our on-line backup solutions are fully Agentless. This means that only one piece of software needs to be installed on one device on your computer network to protect all data types within your business’s entire network. All back-ups and restores are completely secure and very robust, utilising up to 256bit AES encryption, with grid-based performance and capacity scaling at the data centre for virtually unlimited data growth. This enables Care Micro to support any back-up size across a wide range of platforms and many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, a wide range of Linux vendors, many flavours of UNIX, Apple MAC, Novell and IBM, without the need to install and configure additional clients. Many of our customers are now securely using our on-line backup solution so please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit to one of our customers to see the system in action.


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