Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

In case of local server failure resulting in data loss, your data needs to be restored in a fast and efficient order to reduce the impact on your business. On the basis that you have taken advantage of Care Micro’s recommended backup service, and all your data is encrypted and securely protected, your data is recoverable in just a matter of minutes (depending, of course, on amount of data) using the in-built system recovery tools.

Two features that quickly enable large restores include Cache Local Storage, whereby a local copy of all your data is stored on a Cache server and Bare Metal Restoration, whereby a spare, empty, server is always available locally to take over as the primary server after its failure.
Similarly, in the case of when access to your office/building is denied, either through a natural disaster or manmade incident you can very quickly access your data in the data centre.

  • Cache Local Storage

This local storage solution helps you address your disaster recovery requirements by keeping a locally-cached copy of the latest version of  your files on an encrypted store at your site. If and when a restore is required,  your files can be very quickly restored from the “cache”  on this machine kept in your  environment, at full LAN speed, without needing to connect to the online data vault, thus saving business-critical time.

  • Bare Metal Restoration

Any disaster that destroys a computer or server is a nightmare for any business organisation. The time lost trying to restore from a tape backup to new hardware that might have different drivers, updated motherboard or a newer RAID controller is a costly exercise for any company. These types of situations call for a system that can perform a bare metal restore to ensure the smallest amount of downtime and disruption to your business processes. Once your new hardware has been configured with a basic fresh operating system of the same type as the failed computer, you can then restore the full system image, including data, profiles, registry and system states, programs and service pack files from local storage or the data centre.

  • Data Centre Access

In this case, you will need to relocate to a suitable site with internet access and as your data is being stored on a dedicated Virtual server in the data centre, it takes no more than a couple of hours to redirect access from your new location to your Virtual server in the data centre. So although this will only work for a limited number of critical workstations. It will give time to either regain building access or repair/replace your failed server.


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