Modern businesses rely heavily on good communications with customers, suppliers and prospects in retaining and building their businesses.  The key to good communications is to have fast and secure email connections.

As always, Care Micro Systems offer more than one option for businesses email. From the more traditional but vastly advanced onsite Microsoft Exchange running on an in-house server, to offsite services such as a privately hosted exchange using a virtual servers in UK data centre’s or Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud mail.

Usually businesses choose onsite exchange as they sceptical about cloud offerings, it’s part of their company policy to control their communications, it was calculated to be more cost effective or they don’t have a very good internet connection.  The latest version of exchange is very well developed and with third party services can be nearly as robust as cloud offerings, however the later objection isn’t accurate.  In fact cloud mail works better than an onsite exchange server in most instances.   If a businesses internet connection is cut and there’s an onsite exchange server, customers and prospects trying to email that business will either get a bounce back reply or their email will be stored with a paid third party service that will hold onto your emails until connection to the exchange server comes back online.  If a business has a cloud mail solution, emails will still be going to their cloud mail server and all the staff need to do is use their phones internet connection or go to somewhere where they can get internet (such as a coffee shop,) in order to receive and send new emails.

Offsite email solutions such as hosted exchange servers can prove to be a little more expensive, but usually provide better availability and security as the data centres invest heavily in disaster recovery plans.  The most cost effective cloud offering is usually Microsoft’s Office 365, which is currently run form Microsoft’s UK secure data centre and replicated to a European site.  Within the price they also backup, filter and financially guarantee the availability of their services.  Please see the dedicated Office 365 page for more details.

Care Micro Systems have upgraded countless business to a newer version of exchange or hosted services since 1992.  As of writing this page there are over 2000 customers using Care Micro as their Office 365 administrator. Please contact us to help your business asses which email service is right for your business.