Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Your data, your server, someone else’s problem

When considering an IT update or refresh, one of the considerations should be storing your data offsite.

For some businesses it’s an easy decision to make as the data’s accessible twenty four hours a day anywhere in the world and someone else’s “problem” to invest thousands of pounds in the security.

Offerings such as SharePoint using Office 365 should be a consideration for organisations with a small amount of data, but for those with a larger data storage requirement private cloud should be considered.

Essentially a business can rent a virtual server in a data centre in a country of their choice, with the specification they require to run the data or service needed.  It can be as simple as that when setup by Care Micro Systems.

Public Infrastructure as a service (IaaS,) Publuc Platform as a Service (PaaS,) and managed private cloud are all terms many have either only heard of or know a little about.

Care Micro Systems has been supply and supporting cloud services since 2008, Contact us today for the team to help you find the right solution for your business.