Office 365

Office 365

Access to your business anytime, anywhere in the world.

Office 365, in its simplest form, gives your business, e-mails without having to spend money on purchasing and maintaining an Exchange server on site. At a low price of £3.00 per user per month, find why so many businesses have chosen to manage their e-mail in smarter way!

Microsoft Office 365 is a hosted business class e-mail and shared calendar with 50GB of online mail storage space per user. You can use your own domain name to send emails and protect against security threats with premium spam and malware protection provided by Microsoft and included in the cost.

Depending on your needs, Care Micro can host a private Exchange server for you. Alternatively, hosting directly with Microsoft will allow you access to their near-faultless disaster recovery process, into which millions is invested every year. This includes a backup data centre in Holland should their main one based in Ireland ever become inaccessible.

With a traditional server on-site, if your Internet connection goes down, you would normally be without e-mail until your Exchange server re-establishes Internet access. However, with cloud-based e-mail you have the reassurance that you can either use your mobile internet or relocate to somewhere that has access and still be able to send and receive e-mail.

One of the most attractive features of the service is that client setup and configuration is almost non-existent. Simply install Outlook, connect to the internet, type in your e-mail address and password and you are ready to go. This makes losing e-mail through PC or server failure are a thing of the past. Microsoft looks after your mail safely in their data centre, just waiting for you to access it on your phone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the world.

Features of Office 365 include:

  • Complete integration with Outlook (2007 SP1 and above) and a Web Portal
  • Use your own domain name
  • Shared Calendars
  • Anti-spam and Anti-virus checks
  • Active Directory Synchronisation
  • 50GB user Mailboxes
  • Live 24 x 7 IT-level phone support

Add-on services include:

Office Desktop Applications

Get the latest version of Microsoft’s popular Office suite as a subscription with a per user license that allows you to install it on up to five devices (PC, Macintosh and mobile devices included). Always have the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access for your PC or Mac.

SharePoint Online

Document sharing and management in the cloud with internal and external sites for working together on projects or sharing documents with partners and clients. Online and offline access to your documents. Build your own company public website with easy-to-use templates.

Exchange Online

Hosted business class email and shared calendar with 50 GB of storage space per user. Use your own domain name to send emails and protect against spam with premium spam and malware protection.

Lync Online

Multiparty HD video conferencing with real-time note taking and document sharing. Have instant messaging and presence across networks.

One Drive

Securely store all your files and share them with coworkers, each user gets a 1 TB of storage.  Synchronize files across all your devices and access them anywhere, anytime both online and offline with powerful search capabilities to let you quickly and easily find your files.

Whether you are a small organisation with limited IT resources or a large organisation with advanced IT needs, the new Office 365 has solutions optimised for business size and IT needs. The new Office 365 delivers the best value to companies through Office 365 cloud subscription services, which gives you access to the familiar Office desktop applications, as well as business-grade email, shared calendar, and video conferencing. Office 365 is available through traditional Office on premises as well. Choose the version of Office 365 that best fits your organisation’s size and needs.

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