Software Supply

Software Supply

Hardware is important, but having the right software working for your business in most cases can be more valuable.

Care Micro Systems can work with businesses to audit their current setup, work as an impartial assessor of new systems or in some cases supply the software through a large partner network which in turn helps businesses achieve their vision.

Benefits to getting the right software to work for you include:

Saving time – By unifying sporadic software and spreadsheets into one service should save your staff  time to concentrate on other areas of the business.  If there isn’t one solution that fits your needs, sourcing a software that can integrate automatically with account packages for example, should increase productivity.

Save money – After saving staff time, the specialist software market has never been so rich with options so the prices can be competitive.  There are usually options for services to hosted, also in some cases known as software-as-a-service.  By having your CRM or accounts package hosted means potentially you don’t need to invest in more complex hardware (subject to a good internet connection!)  The likes of Microsoft can also host your email’s, let you access Office applications and files through your internet browser for example.

From CAD workers to Estate Agents, Care Micro Systems have helped many businesses implement specialist software. For testimonials and case studies please click on the links or contact us today to see if we can help your business.