Software Support

Software Support

Some of the most vulnerable areas in any IT infrastructure nowadays, and those requiring important support are those associated with software installations.

Care Micro Systems have developed a series of software support services which are designed to address specific software functions commonly found in companies of all sizes and structures. This means that Care Micro has a tailored service for your company.

The key Software Support services are:

  • Server Software Support (“SSS”) Reactive fault resolution for current Microsoft supported server operating systems. Dial in access is required.
  • Back Office Software Support Reactive fault resolution for current Microsoft supported versions of Small Business Server, Exchange Mail Server, SQL Server, Remote Desktop Services and Virtual Server. Dial in access is required.
  • Server Application Software Support (“SAAA”) Reactive fault resolution for current and supported 3rd party Anti-Virus Software, Backup Software, Security Software and MS SharePoint. Dial in access is required.
  • Communication System Support Reactive fault diagnosis for communication issues involving Routers, Firewalls, Broadband / Fibre and Leased Lines. Dial in access is required.
  • Desktop Software Support (“DSS”) Reactive fault resolution for current Microsoft supported Desktop Operating Systems and Office. Dial in access is required.
  • Preventive Security Service (“PSS”) Proactive telephone and remote dial-in to download patches and security updates. Plus automated monitoring of Server(s).
    Installation of service packs are also included where necessary.
  • Online Service Support (“OSS”) Reactive fault resolution for any current Care Micro Systems supplied on-line service including Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Services, and Microsoft Office 365 or Azure.
  • Gold Service Support (“GSS”) The Gold Service is designed for businesses who have limited on-site IT knowledge. This is achieved by improving the efficiency of their computer systems by providing a more proactive on-site service on a regular basis but at an affordable price. Choose from monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, to resolve user problems, answer IT questions, check on current software licenses and versions, and to assist in the forward planning of IT infrastructure.

Probably the most important of these functions is your network operating system which, in the majority of organisations, will typically be a Microsoft product. The most common of these is Microsoft Windows Server which is a large and complex piece of software. As with most Microsoft products, improvements to the code are being developed continuously (even after the next major release version of the software has been published). And, as Microsoft Windows Server software is so widely installed, it also suffers as the prime target for hackers and for viruses of numerous types.

All of this means that your server software needs constant updates generated by Microsoft to patch the holes in their software caused by known or potential unlawful intrusions. These fixes can also have downstream consequences with your other software and with other operational processes, too.

Utility software, such as back-up, anti-spyware and anti-virus software, also require regular updates to be applied to include the latest inoculation against any newly-discovered viruses.

Also included in this range of updating needs are your communication processes which include email, web searching, web hosts and servers, website blocking software (such as that used for social network sites), and the update management of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) which enable remote users to access the company network and many other activities.

Keeping on top of this constantly-changing security/vulnerability landscape is at best a challenge and at worst a nightmare for any business. And applying patches for the array of software can be time-consuming and will divert key staff away from your business’s core strategic objectives.

Help is at hand from Care Micro Systems for all your software support services.

Based in Yorkshire, Care Micro offers a wide range of IT support services. However, wherever you are based, weoffer on-site or online software support to ensure that your security and operational software is kept bang up-to-date and that your systems are robust and can meet all known vulnerabilities. Working throughout Yorkshire, Humberside and the north-east of England, Care Micro’s team of qualified engineers carry references for all the latest available updates and patches for your software portfolio and can very quickly analyse and deploy any missing patches via our online resource data bank straight to your network. This ensures that, once a problem of this kind is identified, it is fixed straightaway.

Please call Care Micro on 01723 351111 or use our Contact Us page for more information on how we work to keep your software optimised for your business.

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