Hardware Supply

Hardware Supply

Care Micro have the advantage of having in-house IT skills developed over years of experience, to not only advise but to be able to supply, install and support the correct equipment to execute the required function within the customers’ business.

Care Micro can supply, install and commission virtually any form of hardware available in today’s global market place. Including servers, PC’s, printers, peripherals and a multitude of communications and security equipment with CAPEX and OPEX options available.

Changing markets, shorter product life cycles and digital transformation are just a few reasons companies need to act and operate quickly.

Fully Managed Solutions

(Also known as Hardware-as-a-Service)

Some businesses either like the idea of their IT equipment taken care of hassle free or they have challenges such as reoccurring tighter budgets and unexpected hardware replacement or repair is becoming more difficult, this is where a managed hardware service would suite a business.

Covered in a monthly subscription a business will have piece of mind that:

  • A device that’s been qualified to meet your requirements and expectations for the term of the subscription.
  • Hardware and Software Support included through Care Micro Systems qualified support engineers.

If you can’t wait or need to upgrade as your requirements have changed, we can offer a buy-back option which allows you to upgrade early.

An example of services include:

  • Managed Computer Solutions using HP and Dell
  • Managed Print Solutions using Epson and Sharp
  • Managed Network Solutions using HP and Netgear
  • Managed Firewall Solutions using Watchguard and Cyberoam

Other benefits include:

  • Managed your IT budget easily-  You can easily work out how much an individual or group of people are costing you and know how to project your budget for the following years.
  • 12 monthly reviews – Analysis will be provided on fault call volume’s plus you will be informed of the latest IT trends in case you want to plan for the change early.

At the end of the period you can send back the equipment and the hardware will be disposed of with any data wiped to WEEE directive standards (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.)

Looking for a Physical, Virtual or Hosted Server? Whichever you need Care Micro can help, click here for a brief explanation on the differences.