Servers explained

Physical? Virtual? Hosted? Whichever Server you need Care Micro can help.

Physical servers are what their title implies, i.e. physical servers placed within the company/organisation.

Virtual servers are on the other hand not physical but are in fact software servers which run on physical servers. Thus allowing several more functions/applications to run on a physical server which makes better use of the physical server’s power both in terms of electricity and of processor and drive capacity. A further advantage being that one can easily transfer an application running on a virtual server onto another physical server if required.

Hosted servers are servers that are located and running in a data centre, which could be anywhere in the world. These servers not only run web based applications but can also be used to store data off site from a company’s operation.

Whether a company has physical, virtual or hosted servers or a mixture or such will normally depend upon the software applications they are running. Although a number of factors are taken into account when deciding upon what servers to use for what purpose.

Care Micro will therefore recommend what type of server/s a company should have and specify the configuration there of. Once this has been agreed with the company, they will be responsible for ordering the relevant server or parts to build such and install the operating and application software.