Cloud computing could soon offer greater carbon savings than electric cars

Cloud computing could soon offer greater carbon savings than electric cars

Electric Cars could benefit from cloud computing

For proponents of the principals of green computing, the cloud represents an area where considerable improvements can be made. However, Pantheon CEO Zack Rosen has suggested that the potential for cloud computing could be even greater than expected.

Rosen, CEO of cloud-based website hosting company Pantheon, said in a conversation with Wired magazine that ‘the age of the cloud will save more CO2 emissions than electric cars,’ citing a number of recent studies to support his argument.

Rosen’s calculations are based on the use of containers over virtual machines. Virtual machines are the industry standard for cloud-based technologies, but Rosen believes that containers have the potential to save the world. Containers are ‘an order of magnitude more efficient’ than virtual containers, he says. The technology promises to streamline a number of online processes and make significant carbon savings as a result.

Containers boost server efficiency by a considerable margin. Where virtual machine-based cloud services can boast around 10% server efficiency, Pantheon – which has long used container technology – achieves around 90% server efficiency.

The cloud promises to make carbon and energy savings by taking data storage away from businesses and basing it in external data centres. It is hoped that container technology will, in time, make these savings more profound.

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