WithSecure™ Pulse 2023 IT Security Strategies

All you need to know about the latest IT and Cyber Security trends

Top 5 security priorities for 2023

Preventing data breaches – 33.7%

Ensuring protection against malware and ransomware – 28.8%

Preventing advanced e-mail-based threats, such as phishing or business email compromise (BEC) – 27.4%

Ensuring the security of cloud-based collaboration applications, such as Office 365 and Salesforce – 26.6%

Ensuring the security of an increasingly diverse pool of devices, services and software – 26.2%

Security Spend

86% of respondents say their security budgets will increase over the next 12 months.

Data Residency

The survey showed that people in IT have strong opinions about where their organization’s data is stored and processed. Not surprising: rules and regulations about data – and plenty of examples of data misuse and abuse – make this topic both heavy with consequence and emotive for many. Opinions tended to differ among people from organizations of different sizes, as well as those working in different regions and industries.

Vendor change intentions

Pulse 2023 survey shows that more than 30% of respondents changed their vendor in the last six months, with the same proportion planning to change vendor in the coming six months.

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