Offsite Data Backup

Offsite Data Backup

Few individuals in an organisation face a tougher task than those responsible for online backup, and for business continuity and for disaster recovery. If you are responsible for this area of work in your organisation, you will know that businesses are constantly at risk from both natural and man-made disasters, either of which can have devastating impact and significantly material consequences.

The risks can range from a mundane hardware failure or human error, to the increasing threat of flooding and terrorist attacks. Any of these can lead to a denial of access to your place of work – your PC’s desktop.

Your organisation’s data and email service are increasingly more critical to your business success. So protecting your vital information with traditional tape backups is no longer feasible due to continually increasing backup windows and the well-known and well-documented unreliability of restoring from tape.

Now, Care Micro can provide your organisation with a robust disaster management service with our comprehensive online back-up and restore solution. We work with our partners Backup Technology, the UK’s leading online back-up and disaster recovery specialist, to deliver our joint solution which utilises the market-leading Asigra agentless backup software. As a result, protecting your critical data need not be complex or cost-prohibitive. The end result is a fully scalable, cost-effective, secure, automated, online back-up system solution. The system is extensible and flexible and is specially designed for businesses and enterprises like yours and suitable for data sizes between 10Gb and 100 Tb.

The successful partnership of Care Micro and Backup Technology has been built through offering the best combination of service, solution and support available in the UK. Care Micro and Backup Technology together will utilise your existing infrastructure and internet connections to deliver to you a fully-tailored back-up solution to meet your exact requirements and which will continue to meet your needs as your business grows.

Online Back-up

On-line, off-site back-up is now widely considered to be the ultimate best practice for protecting your business data. Our partnership with Backup Technology means your business’s needs are met by integrating full off-site, on-line data back-up with advanced business continuity and disaster recovery functionality all with the support of a respected, well-established support partnership.

All of our on-line backup solutions are fully Agentless. This means that only one piece of software needs to be installed on one device to protect all data types within your business’s entire network. All back-ups and restores are completely secure and very robust, utilising up to 256bit AES encryption, with grid-based performance and capacity scaling at the data centre for virtually unlimited data growth. This enables Care Micro and Backup Technology to support any back-up size across a wide range of platforms and many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, a wide range of Linux vendors, many flavours of UNIX, Apple MAC, Novell and IBM, without the need to install and configure additional clients. Many of our customers are now securely using our on-line backup solution so please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit to one of our customers to see the system in action.

Business Continuity

Maintaining your ability to keep operating efficiently in the event of any data loss is critically important. Two of the key features that ensure recovery to the most recent point in time include Continuous Data Protection and Message Level Restore.

Real Time Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

CDP continuously monitors and stores any changes to your files in real time and preserves copies of all previous versions of the file or object that your, so that the user can restore data to the point just before a data corruption took place. This tool minimises data loss and helps to achieve the Recovery Time Objective.

Message Level Restore of Mail Server

As well as the full Exchange, Novell GroupWise and Lotus Notes back-ups options in the Asigra software, individual e-mails, contacts and calendar items can also be restored whilst users are logged into their Outlook, Novell or Lotus Notes. As the “hot” back-up is incremental, restores can be done on any of the generations of data stored in the online vault. This option gives you extra control and resource in the event of a user encountering a mail box corruption.

Recovering from a Disaster

In case of server failure resulting in data loss, your data needs to be restored in a fast and efficient order to reduce the impact on your business . Since all data is encrypted and securely protected, your on-line data is recoverable in just a matter of minutes (depending on amount of data) using the system recovery wizard tool in the DS Client software. Two features that quickly enable large restores include Cache Local Storage and Bare Metal Restoration.

Cache Local Storage

The local storage solution helps you address your disaster recovery requirements by keeping a locally-cached copy of the latest version of your files on an encrypted store at your site. If and when a restore is required, your files can be very quickly restored from the “cache” on this machine kept in your environment, at full LAN speed, without needing to connect to the online data vault, thus saving business-critical time.

Bare Metal Restoration

Any disaster that destroys a computer or server is a nightmare for any business organisation. The time lost trying to restore from a tape backup to new hardware that might have different drivers, updated motherboard or a newer RAID controller is a bind for any company. These types of situations call for a system that can perform a bare metal restore to ensure the smallest amount of downtime and disruption to your business processes. Once your new hardware has been configured with a basic fresh operating system of the same type as the failed computer, you can then restore the full system image, including data, profiles, registry and system states, programs and service pack files from local storage or the data centre.

Care Micro is a Yorkshire company providing TT and related support services in Yorkshire, the North-East of England and throughout the UK. Please call us at Care Micro on 01723 351111 (local call rates) or email us via the Contact Us page for further information or to book your online backup demonstration.

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Although this is aimed at resellers like ourselves, the below video is a great introduction into offsite backup.

We partner companies that use the award winning Asigra software to securely backup and recover your data.