Report highlights the importance of technology to modern businesses

A recent Ofcom study has demonstrated that a significant number of children are learning to use computer software, smartphones and tablets before they are even able to talk. As sensationalist as this may seem, the research has proved beyond doubt that the optimum age for IT knowledge is not the 16-24 ‘early adopters’ age bracket, as traditionally believed, but in fact today’s 14 and 15 year olds. In the study, young people of this age group showed substantial knowledge of the latest technologies such as Google Glass and the Apple iWatch – significantly more so than any other age group.

What could this mean for businesses? Firstly, we believe that this research likely heralds increased competition between businesses owned by tech-savvy youngsters and those operated by the more traditional older generations. Not only this, but since digital technologies are so crucial within our homes and businesses, we believe that younger businesses may indeed eventually outcompete their current established competitors. Secondly, and in light of this new information, it is evidently becoming more and more important for businesses to evolve in order to remain relevant to their young audiences who, as time moves on, are obviously taking up a greater proportion of the market.

First the advent of the internet, then broadband, now technologies such as cloud-based data storage. What will the next technological revolution entail? Whatever it is, make sure your business isn’t getting left out or left behind by employing Care Micro to take care of your IT and communications needs. Browse our website today to see the many services that we can offer your business.

Importance of technology to modern businesses