Will your SSDs need data recovery?

Whilst the rise in popularity of solid-state drives (SSDs) cannot be questioned, it appears that many who have adopted the approach to flash-based storage may not be taking sufficient care in seeking out data backup solutions. As a result, many data recovery specialists have subsequently seen an increase in the number of commercial clients seeking assistance in the event of a data disaster.

Beyond those who lack any form of data backups, reported figures suggest that as many as 66% of all SSDs brought to a data recovery specialist may have had backup systems in place that subsequently failed. Additionally, whilst some data losses may be attributed to natural disasters, software corruption, hardware failure or the detrimental presence of malware, as much as 29% may be attributed to human error – which can be much harder to recover.

With cloud computing and online backups providing some of the most accessible, affordable and safe means of protecting data, it is a cause for concern that so many organisations are failing in these areas – particularly when loss of data can be so costly. In fact, the Ponemon Institute has previously released figure suggesting the average cost for data loss is over £150 per record.

A good strategy to ensure that your organisation will not be amongst those requiring emergency data recovery is that there are as many safeguards are in place as possible. As well as seeking out a backup provider that can give clearly quantifiable safety measures and precautions, it would be wise to select a supplier who can offer disaster recovery assistance in the event of each of these failing.

Care Micro offers both online backups and disaster recovery services. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organisation to keep its data safe in an easily accessible and affordable manner.

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