Network Installation

Network Installation

Tailor-made network topology

At Care Micro, we do not share the belief that the process of “one installation fits all” is the way in which to meet our customers’ network installation needs. Our unique philosophy is that all network topologies are different, both physically and in their software handshaking, and every site installation requires a different, fresh approach. That is why you will receive a unique and bespoke service from Care Micro for your network new install or upgrade.

Care Micro’s recommended procedure for any new on-site network installation or a computer network upgrade is for one of our engineers to conduct an initial site survey and appraisal (a free of charge, no obligation service from Care Micro). This survey, amongst other purposes, accurately determines the current specification and capability of your network.

From this information a report is submitted to you detailing the full network infrastructure, including our assessment of the age, resilience and future-proofing of your current hardware and software. This report forms the basis and agenda for a technical meeting with the you and your nominated colleagues.

The final stage of our appraisal-based approach is to present you with our proposal for a clean install or upgrade, as your circumstances warrant, to meet your pre-determined priorities for your IT network. This stage includes a further meeting with you and your team to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our approach and the work we are to carry out. The discussion also ensures that we agree between us the key deliverables for your project so that no stones are left unturned.

Once the project is mutually shaped and agreed, in order to ensure that day-to-day on-site work causes the least amount of disruption to your business systems, we hold a pre-planning meeting together with you and your operational staff. It is vital that we avoid any key sensitive operational times for your organisation, not least when the payroll is run! From this discussion a timetable is agreed for the work to be carried out.

Generally, on-site work is completed during normal working hours; however, to minimise disruption, any designated work can carried out at weekends by agreement with you to ensure your business continuity is maintained.

Once the installation or update is complete, we deliver on-site training of the members of your team responsible for in-house support and monitoring of your computer system, together with suitable training for any operational systems changes.

At Care Micro we pride ourselves on our painstaking approach to our installation and testing of your network. Not only do you gain the network ideally suited to your business purposes, but it will also pay you dividends downstream. Our complete familiarity with your systems’ mapping enables us to remedy any problems quickly and to perform routine maintenance tasks with speed. And the quicker we can work, the less you have to pay in your continuing network support costs.

Please call Care Micro now on 01723 351111 or use the Contact Us page for further information on our network installation services and to request your free, no obligation systems appraisal and report.

Care Micro networks: hand-made by craftsmen.