PC & Printer Supply

PC & Printer Supply

We’re getting personal

Care Micro is one of the UK’s leading distributors of branded PCs and related hardware, software and consumables.

We hold very large stocks of almost all products from a range of more than 500 suppliers. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge within the IT services industry for all business PC and printer requirements, whatever the size and type of organisation you operate in.

Care Micro meets the PC and printer supply needs for small and medium sized businesses throughout the UK and we aim to provide our customers with an outstanding product range, combined with exceptional value and service support. We pride ourselves on our ability to source and configure your PC and hardware needs in our own workshops with our fully-trained engineers which gives us a clear edge in what is often a commodity-driven competitive market.

The breadth of our product range, combined with the expertise that we offer, means that Care Micro can provide the convenience of a one-stop-shop and, in most cases, same day or next day delivery.

Our forthcoming online store will only add to the speed and convenience of service to our customers.

We are always happy to supply you with a competitive quotation for your next off-the-shelf PC and printer purchase. But if you want your PC and printer opened out of the box, configured to your operating specifications, tested and installed, and your staff trained to use them, then we know you won’t need to look much further than Care Micro’s guiding hand.

Please contact Care Micro on 01723 351111 or email us using our Contact Us page for all your PC and printer requirements.

Care Micro: personal service for a personal computer world.