Malware infection

Following on from the news about the malware infection over the weekend, be VERY careful when receiving emails with attachments or containing links. There are several subtle ways the emails appear to be legitimate: 1. The email address can say

Shopping Online? Choose Private Browsing

HTTP, Web Cookies

Are you searching for a holiday online or looking to buy a gift for yourself or a loved one?  Most people will shop around first, but when you do this did you know that some websites are tracking your visit

Read how to use your mobile phone legally whilst driving…when you have to

Where possible don’t use your mobile phone whilst driving please! In fact, changing the radio station, unwrapping a sweet, reaching over the car for something or even talking to passengers can be distracting you from your responsibilities on controlling a large chunk

Will your SSDs need data recovery?

Liquid hard drives

Whilst the rise in popularity of solid-state drives (SSDs) cannot be questioned, it appears that many who have adopted the approach to flash-based storage may not be taking sufficient care in seeking out data backup solutions. As a result, many

Employee carelessness a top cause of data disasters

Data disasters, including corporate data loss and data theft, cost UK businesses millions of pounds every year. While many companies assume that lax security and the concerted efforts of cybercriminals are primarily to blame for data disasters, new research has

Cloud computing could soon offer greater carbon savings than electric cars

For proponents of the principals of green computing, the cloud represents an area where considerable improvements can be made. However, Pantheon CEO Zack Rosen has suggested that the potential for cloud computing could be even greater than expected. Rosen, CEO

Researchers take first step towards liquid hard drives

Imagine your business data stored in liquid – sounds like something from a sci-fi film, right? Well, liquid hard drives could be about to become a reality. Scientists at the University of Michigan and New York University have taken the

Report highlights the importance of technology to modern businesses

A recent Ofcom study has demonstrated that a significant number of children are learning to use computer software, smartphones and tablets before they are even able to talk. As sensationalist as this may seem, the research has proved beyond doubt

CryptoWall ransomware thought to have infected over 600,000 computers

CryptoWall, the latest and most virulent ransomware threat, is thought to have infected over 600,000 computers worldwide with over five billion files having been encrypted thus far. This feat was achieved over a period of only six months – from

Free open-source speech system used by Stephen Hawking

Intel revealed Assistive Context Aware Toolkit (ACAT) on the 2nd of December which is an open-source speech system created for Professor Stephen Hawking. ACAT has been developed with Professor Hawking himself, Intel hope it can become the core component that