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Detect spam and malicious emails

With more and more criminals turning to cyber security, users need to know how to detect spam and malicious emails. Although there are many tools to assist with capturing unwanted material before it reaches you, they can’t work every time.

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Researchers take first step towards liquid hard drives

Imagine your business data stored in liquid – sounds like something from a sci-fi film, right? Well, liquid hard drives could be about to become a reality. Scientists at the University of Michigan and New York University have taken the

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Report highlights the importance of technology to modern businesses

A recent Ofcom study has demonstrated that a significant number of children are learning to use computer software, smartphones and tablets before they are even able to talk. As sensationalist as this may seem, the research has proved beyond doubt

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CryptoWall ransomware thought to have infected over 600,000 computers

CryptoWall, the latest and most virulent ransomware threat, is thought to have infected over 600,000 computers worldwide with over five billion files having been encrypted thus far. This feat was achieved over a period of only six months – from

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Free open-source speech system used by Stephen Hawking

Intel revealed Assistive Context Aware Toolkit (ACAT) on the 2nd of December which is an open-source speech system created for Professor Stephen Hawking. ACAT has been developed with Professor Hawking himself, Intel hope it can become the core component that

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What may be in store for technology in 2015

With every New Year it brings the possibility of exciting new technology.  With more households having some sort of computing than ever before, we keep learning (and playing) ways we can use these devices to better enrich our lives and

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